Indirect Beneficiaries

The BRAVE Women Program will also benefit some key intermediary beneficiaries. It is envisaged that given the additional financial and entrepreneurial boost in the local business sector, other related businesses will also be revived, such as transportation, operations, and maintenance, general maintenance services, fruit, and vegetable gardening. The female entrepreneurs are likely to invest their profits back into the communities, which could positively impact community members through better nutrition, better access to health and education, and improved community and local level security. Most importantly, the partner financial intermediaries are most likely to adopt operational and management changes which continue to help women entrepreneurs. As a result of the program’s business advisory and coaching to the female entrepreneur’s support, the female entrepreneurs will become second-and third-time borrowers, creating confidence and trust in the banking sector. Furthermore, the financial intermediaries are likely to innovate further and adopt a dynamic business model, which allows them to flexibly respond to the needs of female entrepreneurs, who are dependable and reliable.