Updated! How to submit a Procurement Request

This is an update to a previous post on how to submit a procurement request.

The BRAVE Portal has recently been upgraded and specific changes have been implemented:

Major changes:

  • 70% Vendor Payment is no longer available. Vendors receive 100% payment after delivery is confirmed and approved.
  • Line-by-line upload of procurement items

How to submit a procurement request

Login to the BRAVE Portal
From your Profile, Under Utilization Requests, click Create Request.
Read the information displayed and upload your Signed Analysis Form.
Complete the Preferred Vendor section
Upload at least 2 other Vendor Invoices

NEW: Assets List

Complete an Asset form for each item in your invoice

This section is important and you must input the name, description, type and quantity for each item quoted in the invoice by your preferred vendor.

For example, if you’re purchasing 2 sewing machines, 1 stoning machine and 5 industrial irons, you will upload 3 items (clicking ‘New Asset’ each time), then enter each equipment type, name, description and quantity. Asset type should be ‘Generic’ unless its Construction.

Sample Assets Form

Then submit the procurement request.

Upon submission, the PMU will review it. Once accepted, you will be notified and you can begin procurement.

Item Delivery and Inspection.

Once you have received the procured items, kindly notify the BRAVE Project Team in your state for inspection. After which you can upload a delivery confirmation on the BRAVE Portal. Once your delivery confirmation is approved, 100% Payment will be made to your vendor.

For further enquiries or clarification, kindly liaise with the BRAVE Project Officer in your state.



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