BRAVE Success Story: Deezahs Universal Services

DEEZAHS Universal Service, a fashion and textile business in Gombe State is a shining example of how the BRAVE Women Nigeria Project has transformed the lives of female entrepreneurs. Specializing in ready-to-wear female clothing, bridal accessories, and fashion training, DEEZAHS also offers sewing services to their clients. However, before they were awarded the matching grant, they faced significant challenges in their operations.

One of the major obstacles DEEZAHS encountered was their struggle with financial record keeping, which made it difficult to know how the business was doing financially. Additionally, they lacked the necessary equipment to meet the growing demands of their customers, hindering their productivity and potential for growth.

All this changed when DEEZAHS was selected to be a beneficiary in the BRAVE Women Nigeria Project. This invaluable opportunity allowed them to address their challenges and significantly enhance their business. With the grant, they were able to acquire new sewing machines, a finishing machine, and a stoning machine, enabling them to streamline their production process and deliver standardized work to their clients. Click for video

The positive effects of the grant on DEEZAHS’ business were evident immediately. With the newly acquired equipment on the 6th of July 2022 and improved processes, DEEZAHS experienced a surge in customer confidence. Clients now trust that DEEZAHS will consistently deliver high-quality services and meet their expectations.

As a result, DEEZAHS Universal Services experienced substantial growth in their customer base. The improved efficiency and productivity enabled them to take on more orders and fulfil them promptly. The business has flourished, thanks to the support and empowerment provided by the BRAVE Women Nigeria Project.

DEEZAHS Universal Services in Gombe, Gombe state, stands as a testament to the transformative power of the BRAVE Women Nigeria Project. Through the support from the project, they have overcome their challenges, expanded their capabilities, and positioned themselves as a trusted and reliable provider of fashion-related products and services. Their success story serves as an inspiration to other female entrepreneurs, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and realize their full potential in the business world.



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