BRAVE Success Story: Anisa Model School

ANISA Model School in Gombe, Nigeria, has achieved remarkable success after accessing a grant from the BRAVE Women Nigeria Project. The school, which was struggling to provide quality education to its students due to lack of resources, has been able to improve its infrastructure and expand its programs, thanks to the grant.

One of the major changes that the grant has facilitated is the construction of a new administrative office building, new hall that would be partitioned into different laboratories. The school was previously overcrowded, with students crammed into small classrooms. This made it difficult for teachers to provide individual attention to each student and for students to learn effectively. With the new classrooms, the school now has more space, and the teacher-student ratio has improved significantly. The students now have a better learning environment that is conducive to their academic success.

The grant has also enabled the school to acquire new teaching aids and equipment. ANISA Model School has invested in modern teaching aids, which have made learning more interactive and engaging for the students. Additionally, the school has been able to purchase new books and learning materials, which have improved the quality of education.

The BRAVE Women Nigeria Project grant has also enabled the school to expand its programs beyond academics. The school now has a library and computer laboratory(under construction), which has enabled students to develop their research and computer skills. The school also intend to introduce extracurricular activities such as sports and music, which have helped to develop the students’ physical and artistic abilities.

Perhaps the most significant impact of the grant has been on the students’ academic performance. ANISA Model School has seen a significant improvement in the academic performance of its students since accessing the BRAVE Women Nigeria Project grant. The students are now more motivated, engaged, and confident in their abilities. The school has also seen an increase in enrollment, as parents have become more confident in the quality of education provided by the school.

 In conclusion, the BRAVE Women Nigeria Project grant has been a game-changer for ANISA Model School in Gombe, Nigeria. The school has been able to improve its infrastructure, expand its programs, and improve the quality of education provided to its students. The grant has not only transformed the school but has also had a positive impact on the community, as more parents are now willing to send their children to the school. ANISA Model School is a success story that demonstrates the transformative power of grants in improving access to quality education.



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